Focus on Change Management, Leadership, Networking and more!

Visit the PMI face-to-face event on 22-25 July 2013 in Philadelphia, and advance your career with the challenging SeminarsWorld Philadelphia, where hot training subjects will help you take the next big step in your professional development. Focusing on Organizational Change Management, Leadership, Governance and Decision-Making skills, SeminarsWorld Philadelphia hones your management competence while you network with other Project Management peers leaders and expert instructors.

Broaden your performance, productivity and effectiveness as a leader with “Five Star Leadership for Project Managers”, focused on connecting business and project management. While you’re there, be sure to taste the legendary Philly cheese-steak and take a walk around the beautiful and historical Old City of Philadelphia.

“Five Star” Leadership for Project Managers

    • Developing your own personal leadership philosophy
    • Effective goal-setting techniques
    • How to link team and organizational goals.
    • How to build a motivational climate
    • How to lead productive meetings
    • How to resolve conflicts
    • How to master proven techniques for rewarding success and coaching to correct substandard performance

Project TLC: Teambuilding, Leadership and Communications

    • The value of teamwork and its link to business outcomes
    • How the “right” set of behaviors can support productive teamwork
    • Identifying cultural attributes in the business environment and how they influence team performance
    • Diagnosing common team problems and introducing easy methods to improve team interaction and reduce conflict
    • Different leadership attributes
    • Different communication methods and their effect on different audiences

The Agile PMP®

    • What is agile, who uses it, and what challenges does it resolve?
    • Agile project management with Scrum
    • How do the waterfall and Scrum life cycles compare?
    • Agile, lean, flexible, waterfall, Scrum, DSDM and more
    • Pragmatic hybrid approaches: Implementations from the real world
    • How to re-position yourself as an agile PMP®

Driving Change in your Organization

Develop and enhance the contributions you make to your organization by learning to:

    1. Discuss different leadership styles and recognize there is not a one-size-fits-all way to lead change
    2. Identify cultural traits in business today and understand how they contribute to, or conflict with, change efforts
    3. Think about how to introduce and sustain change efforts by getting people to act differently
    4. Synthesize information in order to create an effective and lasting change plan
    5. Acquire keen communications skills to effectively interact with, and get results from, all levels across the organization before, during and after introducing change

Project Estimating in a Matrix Environment

  • The different types of estimates and estimating processes
  • Definitions of precision, accuracy, assumptions, constraints, uncertainty and risk
  • The distinction of the roles and responsibilities of Project Managers, Resource Managers, Portfolio Managers, and Project Team Members
  • The variety of tools which can be used to determine and track estimates
  • The use of a phased or gated project life cycle in the continual refinement of estimates
  • How to collaboratively share estimating information within the organization and continually update the resource and project forecasts
  • Refining of estimates based on tracking and communicating status, progress and forecasting
  • Determining the lessons to be learned and their application

Attend the SeminarsWorld in Philly next week!