PMI Global Congress 2013 EMEA

The PMI Global Congress 2013 EMEA will take place in Istanbul, Turkey on April 22-24.

Keynote Speakers…

  • Nader Mousavizadeh: “Leadership in Times of Global Turmoil”
  • Avinash Chandarana: “The Crossroads of Culture”
  • Cathy O’Dowd: “Reach for the Heights: Team Dynamics and
    Leadership on the Slopes of the World’s Highest Mountain”

Area of Focus Presentations …

  • The Leader’s Choice: Five Steps to Ethical Decision Making
  • Develop Your Personal Skills to be a Complete Project Manager
  • No Fear Complexity: Rely on Power of Project Management
  • Development Paths of Project Managers
  • The Effects of External Events on Projects
  • PMIS: Boon or Bane?
  • Agile Processes: A Unifying Approach for the Future of Projects
  • The Future of Project Management in a Digitised Economy
  • How to Create Project Management Heaven in Your Daily Life
  • Improving and Embedding Project Management Practises in Organisations
  • From Total Project Scope to Total Project Control
  • Differences of Earned Value Management Practises in Construction
  • Dancing in the Kaleidoscope: The Challenge of Leading Complex Projects
  • Enterprise Risk Management Application Implementation Case Study
  • The Allegro Group Way to Agility
  • Creating Strawberry Jam: A Roadmap for Enterprise Agile Transformation
  • Seven Secrets of Highly Effective Executive Sponsors
  • Technology, Maturity and Innovation: The New PMO
  • Creating the Biggest Airline in the World: Merging the Systems of United Airlines and Continental
  • On Balance: Five Strategies for Resilient Project Managers
  • Ethical Issues in Projects and Their Governance Context
  • Mastering the Project Requirements
  • Big Data: New Tools for Mitigating Project Complexity
  • Agile Methodology for Non-IT Projects: Reality or Hype?
  • Fourteen Project Leadership Skills to Boost Your Career
  • Stop Managing and Start Leading: The Socially Intelligent Leader
  • Is Your PMO an Enabler for Organisational Project Management?
  • EM13AGL05 – AgiWater: Bridging the Worlds of Waterfall and Agile in the Context of the PMBOK® Guide and ISO 21500
  • Critical Decision Skills for Project Managers
  • Agile and Project Managers: Tough Questions
  • Understanding Project Uncertainty in Safety-Critical Industries

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