Famous project managers in American history

America has produced many great minds. Some have fought for justice, trying to make this country a better place; others have built great things, inspiring generations. Being inspirational takes charisma and ingenuity. Here are five figures who can be considered the greatest project managers in American history, most of whom had to manage without the modern benefits of online project management software or conference calls. Succeeding at project management in the past required high levels of organization and forethought.

Take Fredrick Law Olmsted for instance – a famous landscape designer who is considered the father of American landscape architecture. Some of Olmsted’s most famous works include Central Park and Prospect Park in New York City. But, it’s not just the amazing parks Olmsted created that gets him on the list of America’s top project managers. It is the ideas behind his work that make him a truly unique project manager.

The design of Central Park represented Olmsted’s social beliefs; most notably, his commitment to equality. Olmsted strongly believed that common green space should be equally available to all citizens. This idea is now fundamental to the idea of a public park, but it wasn’t at the time. As New York’s park commissioner, Olmsted fought hard to preserve this principle.

Project managers should take a lesson from Olmsted and his contemporaries. Take a look at the infographic to learn about some of the other great project managers from America’s past.


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